Prayer of Divine Protection

Dear God,

Please bring us big life and big love, deep life and deep love.

We wish to show up now with pure and noble hearts that we might midwife the perfection in each other.

May we see each other’s greatness and invoke each other’s light.

We surrender all the ways, both those we are aware of and those that remain unconscious, in which we block our love for each other.

We surrender our defenses.

We are ready to bring forth the holiest vibrations of love and healing between us.

Where we are afraid to love, where we have built walls in front of our hearts, may we be healed and set free.

Where we are needy or do not know how to behave or tend to control or to judge or to fix or be dishonest, please, dear God, show us another way.

We surrender ourselves to love.

We surrender our love to You.

May it serve Your purposes.

May it receive Your blessing and carry Your power.

May we never forsake each other.

Thank You very much.



Twin Flames

Our Souls know no time, no bounds
Timeless, infinite
Yours and mine
Imprints of the other
Ever drawing US closer
The fit, the click
The other half
Two halves become Whole
The thumbprint of God between
Beautifully remember
Our souls long dance
Through the ages and the ethereal realms
My Eros! I am your Psyche.
Elysium once more is home