I find the desire and passion to cut ties overwhelming…
It’s as if those things and or people that no longer serve for a good are quickly going to the background.
The ones that are positive and give light, love and momentum to greater good growing ever more brighter.
Full of light and love, I wish to bask in the eternal sunshine of the soul.
it was as God intended.
Our physical being is but a temple-a garden of your soul!
Water and feed well your garden… Honor your temple
It can be a very long or short lived vehicle for you.
You make the decisions and choices which affect the outcomes.
Know you’re in complete control of your destiny!
You can and will be anything you want and desire to be and have for your being.
The soul is universal and eternal!
Tap into the source.
Feel the flow and go with it
You will find all is for and happening as it should be
Even the sadness and horrible atrocities that we do not understand
Remember we are all human beings
The acts we see could be done by any one of us.
We must find the answer is in Love
LOVE… This is the answer
It’s what we all want….
It’s what we all are……



Bunny love

Soft, long and slow
Heck man sometimes you’re puzzling
And it drives me wild
You tease and tease
I’m beggin you please
And you won’t stop
Drivin me crazy
You’re such a mess
Why did you share
What was between you and me?
Broke my heart
Dunno where to start