Possibly greatest advice ever

I wish I knew who wrote this… I’d give them credit…

Here’s what I know for sure about love:

Love is a choice.
Love is connection.
Love is a feeling.
Love is a behavior.
Love is the juiciest part of life.
Love opens our hearts, expands our world, and brings a smile to our lips.
For love we make commitments and agreements to share our life with another in good times and in bad.
When we pledge our love to another we say to them:
I will love you on your good days
and your bad days.
I will be your “safe place to land.”
I will share with you my attention, affection and appreciation.
With you I will become a better woman and with me, you will become a better man.
I will be your best friend, lover, partner and protector.
(and, if things don’t work out I won’t “sell you out.”)
Love is not all things shiny and sparkling, although those are nice for a special day, but they are not what love is all about.
And, I know this should be obvious: the planning of a wedding is not the same as the planning of a life together. When choosing a life partner look far off into the future and see if you can imagine rocking side by side with them, holding hands, when you are both much, much older.
Love is as much about giving as it is receiving.
And, it’s also about being willing to forgive. And lets not forget truthtelling.
Choosing a partner for life requires knowing what your deepest heart desires.
Some major self-reflection is in order.
What are the heart traits and qualities you seek?
(much more important than their height, eye color, or profession).
How do you want to feel when you are in their arms?
What are the gifts you are bringing to the union?
What will your life together be like?
Becoming laser clear about who this person is, what they’re like, and perhaps most importantly how you will FEEL when you’re with them, is essential to your success in manifesting your soulmate.
It takes time to get to know someone….most experts say a full year.
Twelve months.
Four seasons.
365 days and nights.
Don’t rush one of the most important decisions of your life.


In time

Have you ever had an “aha!” Moment?
Do you dream? Do you remember them?
Do you try to create them?
I’m so full of love right now
I just live
Every moment I want to breathe it in
And let it take me
I am expressive
I just want someone who appreciates no loves and craves that
Bc it’s like breath to me… And to not love that Essence of me is to not love me at all
Not that I need love… Women are love
It doesn’t run out



I am so in love with you
You are the one who has been with me all along
Never giving up
Staring fear right in the eyes
Holding me tenderly
Wiping away every tear
Holding me till I fell asleep
I’m so happy I finally see
All along within me
Not settle for less
Yeah I want you around
I am in love
Feel you
Taste you
All my senses filled
I know what a soulmate is now
Life is so beautiful
Slow down
You’re my Eros
And I’m your Psyche