Real life or is it

So I’ve been going for reiki massage for quite a few months now… It’s been a really eye opening experience. First I’ve been getting my chakras unblocked and my energy aligned and attuned…. Now I’m able to feel my soul and listen to my gut once more. It’s been amazing. The feeling to connect and hear ones higher voice. Ethereal.


4 Alarm

What was I thinkin tellin you so long?
You’re the one that’s been here all along
The one that knows my depths and how to reach my soul
I’m singin hymnals just thinkin of your name
Never been like this before and never be the same
I’m smilin ear to ear
Callin me hun
Sayin sweet nothings
Whispers of our kinda love
That’s so right
What we got….
Full moon
Air so crisp
Season has been so dry
A spark and the fire is blowin and gone like wildfire
Only you quench my flame
My white stag…