My political Nightmare

The night the Internet and network crashed
Is it the end of times?
Are you kidding me?
My phone sucks
AT&T sucks
Verizon sucks
Metropcs and sprint and t mobile blow
LTE where are you?
Guess the bubble gone bust too early
And now we are too late
Scramble scramble as fast as you can
Zombies will be here soon to eat us
Run to the store.. What? Nothing works
Good luck finding someone that can count back change
It’s the end of the world baby
Better stock up on water, food and guns… Don’t forget the ammo
A boat and 4×4 is all we will need
Don’t forget my Stevie ray Vaughn and other albums
I can run a record player on coconut water
Come to think of it- stock up on that!
Money?! Ha ha ha haaa
These men want power…
Right or left
They’re just wrong
Power hungry and self serving ambitious
Come on people
Free Love
We’ve been here before
Stand for peace
Join one another
Woman and man
Sister and brother
Fathers and mothers
Neighbor and stranger
Human to human
Despite race or creed
We all breathe…
We all live
We all bleed red
This is our country
These are our lives
We aren’t to be governed as if we were children.
Though some need to stop acting like it
Get these politics out of our schools
Brainwashing the young
Better teach your children well
You bet there’s a Hell… And it’s coming on this Earth
Time to spread love… It only takes a spark
The World is ONE…
We are all connected
I’m doing my part
Keeping an open heart
That’s where it all will start
We are not our heads
Talkin heads
Open up and be free
We all speak the language of Love
Whether a kind word
A smile
Letting that car or two in front or merge onto traffic
Pay that persons change
Help someone across the street
Did I say smile?
Yes ma’am
Have a good day!
You look beautiful.
Have you lost weight?
I’m sorry for your loss. He’s in a better place.
I miss you.
I love you.
I want you.


Go ahead....Make my day