In Time

One stoplight more
A different road
The week before
What if I hadnt gone there?
All happened and then we met
A brief encounter
Was it somethin I said?
“You better text me!”
But wait.. I asked:
Is that with a C or a K?
Hey sexy
And now I wanna be your girl
Make me yours
Tell all the others No
Are you missin me honey?
The sweet taste of lips
Your hands around my hips
I want you to hear what I feel in my heart
Only games I wanna play w you is dominoes, dice or darts
Feel like I’ve known you my whole life
And yet there’s so much I wanna discover w you
Kisses and hugs
Snuggle with me
All night long
We never let go
A mile or 300…
My heart knows no distance
In time
I will be thine.
Sing your song to me
Whisper it in my ear
The melody is my heart strings
The chorus my soul
My twin flame
My Eros!
I am your Psyche!!


Go ahead....Make my day