If you were a tree
What kind of tree would you be?
A tall majestic oak
With thick limbs and acorns
Adorning your strong boughs
Or maybe a cedar
Bark showing maturity even at a young age
Scent divine
Limbs reaching to the heavens
A bold tall and lean pine bursting through the canopy reaching to the Sun
The needles blanket at your feet; their smell enticing the senses
Consider the willow in all her beauty
Her weeping no one knows
The spendour of her crown
strands veil anyone under her shade
Lovers delight
I wanna be the rain that kisses each leaf
Drink in my love
Let me quench to the root of you
Touching your soul
Memories we have not yet had
I’ve lived with you before
To feel such fire
In a wilderness of love
I rush in


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