Rise with me

Stevie sang it
The sky is cryin
Where have you been?
Elvis belted
I’m so lonesome I could cry
Even the reverend sang
Let’s stay together
Who defines you?
I hope only you.
I’m waitin
I’m ready
Been for such a long long time
Porch swingin
Soul music Playin on
Not a word
Only silence
Walls close in
I’m here
Take all the time you need
I’m not giving you an ultimatum
On the contrary
Time heals
All I know is real is gravity
Or is it?
Ive been floating
And smiling
I mean smiling out loud
Giddy and happy
Lovin life
Life is full of lovin


I feel you

I feel you
Deep in my bones
Flowing through my veins
Down in my lungs
All around and through out and so deep within me
It’s like we were one
My soul is on fire
Having trouble taming this desire
You’re the one satisfying my body, soul and heart
Wanna snuggle with you
All night and over a few days
Feed you all my honey
I wanna melt into you


My political Nightmare

The night the Internet and network crashed
Is it the end of times?
Are you kidding me?
My phone sucks
AT&T sucks
Verizon sucks
Metropcs and sprint and t mobile blow
LTE where are you?
Guess the bubble gone bust too early
And now we are too late
Scramble scramble as fast as you can
Zombies will be here soon to eat us
Run to the store.. What? Nothing works
Good luck finding someone that can count back change
It’s the end of the world baby
Better stock up on water, food and guns… Don’t forget the ammo
A boat and 4×4 is all we will need
Don’t forget my Stevie ray Vaughn and other albums
I can run a record player on coconut water
Come to think of it- stock up on that!
Money?! Ha ha ha haaa
These men want power…
Right or left
They’re just wrong
Power hungry and self serving ambitious
Come on people
Free Love
We’ve been here before
Stand for peace
Join one another
Woman and man
Sister and brother
Fathers and mothers
Neighbor and stranger
Human to human
Despite race or creed
We all breathe…
We all live
We all bleed red
This is our country
These are our lives
We aren’t to be governed as if we were children.
Though some need to stop acting like it
Get these politics out of our schools
Brainwashing the young
Better teach your children well
You bet there’s a Hell… And it’s coming on this Earth
Time to spread love… It only takes a spark
The World is ONE…
We are all connected
I’m doing my part
Keeping an open heart
That’s where it all will start
We are not our heads
Talkin heads
Open up and be free
We all speak the language of Love
Whether a kind word
A smile
Letting that car or two in front or merge onto traffic
Pay that persons change
Help someone across the street
Did I say smile?
Yes ma’am
Have a good day!
You look beautiful.
Have you lost weight?
I’m sorry for your loss. He’s in a better place.
I miss you.
I love you.
I want you.


Men of Action

My daddy was a welder
One helluva man
His momma my grand mommy
Came from down in the holler
Yep his pappy was a mining man
They called him Felix the Cat and
granny was vicie the rat
Front porch sittin
Nothing but a six string and some singin
My love line is somethin special
Yes I come from a long line of hillbillies
Call Em rednecks
Might call Em hippies
I was raised on a back road farm to market 3211
Some moonshine and bullfrogs
Calves birthin in the deep of the night
Coyotes howlin
Nothin but some glowing eyes
Watch out for snakes
Now don’t rush off
You’re always welcome here
Country to the bone
Through and through
Drink deep the well of my soul
May not always like what ya hear
But always know where ya stand
Preacher man on Sunday
No beer till noon
Cruisin the Kmart lot till the police make you go home
Low rider trucks
Thumpin bass
Times were simple
They sure were sweet
Play a lil Johnny cash
How bout some Waylon or Merle?
George jones he stopped loving her today…
Boy i remember when momma told me what it meant.
I’m a simple girl
Don’t mistake me for unrefined
Daddy was stern
You bet your ass I walked the line
I miss that ole man
Taken too early
Will see you again 🙂
Keep those you love in your heart
And hand in hand while you can
I thank God for a real Man
Our days spent workin hard to the bone
Our nights full of lovin all wrapped up in you
One helluva ride
You might find yourself in the middle of no where
And in the middle of nowhere you find yourself
I find myself wanting to be in your arms
Whisper in your ear…
Good night my lovin- good timin– snuggle bear man
Sweet dreams as you open up my soul and read all the pages


In Time

One stoplight more
A different road
The week before
What if I hadnt gone there?
All happened and then we met
A brief encounter
Was it somethin I said?
“You better text me!”
But wait.. I asked:
Is that with a C or a K?
Hey sexy
And now I wanna be your girl
Make me yours
Tell all the others No
Are you missin me honey?
The sweet taste of lips
Your hands around my hips
I want you to hear what I feel in my heart
Only games I wanna play w you is dominoes, dice or darts
Feel like I’ve known you my whole life
And yet there’s so much I wanna discover w you
Kisses and hugs
Snuggle with me
All night long
We never let go
A mile or 300…
My heart knows no distance
In time
I will be thine.
Sing your song to me
Whisper it in my ear
The melody is my heart strings
The chorus my soul
My twin flame
My Eros!
I am your Psyche!!


Sure wish we had better chemistry

The most interesting man in the world was on my patio last night
He captivated my entire gaze…
My ears on every word
And yet not hearing a sound
Your beautiful lips
Eyes so deep peering into my soul
How could I deny?



If you were a tree
What kind of tree would you be?
A tall majestic oak
With thick limbs and acorns
Adorning your strong boughs
Or maybe a cedar
Bark showing maturity even at a young age
Scent divine
Limbs reaching to the heavens
A bold tall and lean pine bursting through the canopy reaching to the Sun
The needles blanket at your feet; their smell enticing the senses
Consider the willow in all her beauty
Her weeping no one knows
The spendour of her crown
strands veil anyone under her shade
Lovers delight
I wanna be the rain that kisses each leaf
Drink in my love
Let me quench to the root of you
Touching your soul
Memories we have not yet had
I’ve lived with you before
To feel such fire
In a wilderness of love
I rush in