Just alright

Here’s something I wrote a very long time ago…

If you had to tell me that you had to
Leave tonight
Well, I guess I’d be just alright
If your touch left me…
If your kisses left flight
Well, I guess I’d be just alright
If my heart you broke and your smiling
Face left my sight
Well, I guess I’d be just alright
If our talks had to stop
To make all of this right
Well I guess I’d be just alright
Well… I don’t wanna be just alright
Without you I don’t want to have
To spend another lonely night
I know I haven’t totally said what I
Really mean
Look into my brown eyes with your greens
The desire is strong… The love is sure
My passion burns… There is no cure
I love you so much
I dream of our next touch
I didn’t know what it was I was missin
How deep and strong a love could
Really be
I don’t want to settle for less
Wondering what if-trying to second guess
I’m not sure what the future holds
Or which path it will lead
I’m not willing with you to part
Can’t imagine us not together
Not giving you my heart
Wanna lay down with you every night…
Wake up in your arms


Go ahead....Make my day