Digging deep…words of a 20 yr old

My fickleness
My need for change
Temper on occasions
When they don’t understand me when
I’m really goofy!
When I don’t measure, calculate and act
My scar on my cheek
I had more responsibility
I managed my finances better
We didn’t argue
I’d love myself as the way I am
I’d just do it!
I used them to be my strengths

I regret that I made mistakes with M.S.D.
(and no it’s not a drug says my now 39 yr old self)
That I blew off my last semester and half at college
That I probably won’t go back to SAGC
That I can be a very picky person

They’re just historical facts.
They’ve happened.
I can grow and move on.


Go ahead....Make my day