Loves return

So in love
And me
The stars align
Yours and mine
Take my hand
Stroke my face
Kiss my lips
The past erased
I’m so into you
Passion overflows
The attraction flows and grows
I could look into your eyes forever
Your arms hold me firmly yet gently
I am so into you
My love pours out and into you
Love me always
Say you’ll be mine
My heart I’ve given
I only ask for your time
I’ve wanted and prayed for a love such as this
A taste you’ve given
Till we are together again I miss
And I’m missing you
My heart aches till we are together once more
we meet
A kiss
An embrace
Arms wrapped tight
Our love returns never again to take flight
I’m so yours
My heart is yours


Sacred dynamite

Sacred dynamite
It’s explosive when we’re together
Two hearts igniting into one
I melt into you
For all eternity
I’m so ready to write and make beautiful music w you
Ill write the music you add the words
Glad love brought me back
You came along
I almost gave up on real love
So glad you came along
turned my heart inside out
And my hearts song can sing once more
Baby your amazing …love would have found you…im just glad I did first
No longer caged
No more an imprisoned fool
Love expands
Soul overflows
Love real
Love unconditional


Summer requiem

Fantastic notion
Blue as the ocean
Eyes bloodshot
Winds whistle
Sky red
Inspiration comes
Memory fades
I’m alone
Picture your face
Loves erased
Like a da Vinci sketch
I’m the fool again
Why am I always the fool?
Take everything
Leave my heart
I’ll make my way
One headlight shines
Lighting my way
The spray
The mist
I’m drenched
And an old song plays
At the ritual cafe
Cry cry cry
Or is it all in my head
Were you all in my head?

The road goes on
Wind carrying me along


Soul symphony

Waves crash
On a high
I don’t wanna come down
And I’m missing you
The light in your eyes
Love embracing my soul
Sun sets and moon rises
I go walking alone
The sand beneath my feet
The beach goes on forever
And my love
It’s a blessing and a curse
I’m missing you
The salt, the spray
The nocturnal swell calls
Moon beams clothe me
I dive in
The waves and I dance
Washing over me
Cleanse me
Purge my soul
And I’m missing you
Waves crash
I’m carried away
Only to return
Changed forever
Celestial lights
Peer down within me
I hear Arcana’s call
And I’m missing you babe


Love takes flight

My soul is on fire
The sweet harmony
The chorus and the verse
Life begging for encores
When they come pulling up the hearse
heart so full
Dreams become real
Yours and mine
I’m blinded
mouth closed shut
I melt
Did you ever think we’d come to this?
Love beyond measure
We feel so right
kisses sweet
Every moment a treat
Never wanting you to leave
Longing for that day
Rhythm harmony
Soul’s melody rings true
My heart belongs to you
My man
Confidante and counsel
Passionate protector
Best friend