And I’m in a Boeing 767…. Enroute to Madrid Spain… Thank goodness for the window seat. Even more thankful the man sitting next to me just gave me full rights to wake him up if I gotta go use the amenities.. Yay me! I told him hey I can scale you on the armrests and never wake you up!! Hahahaha!!

About forty minutes from descent, view is beautiful. Mountain range dotted with villas and homes on the countryside. Clusters of windmills on the ridges.

Can you feel a little love?

No games
Where is your courage?
Make a move
Not a moment too late
Forever is not too crazy
Baby we are outside the real world
Nights of September
Warm as we bask in the moonlight
If you ever need a friend
I will always be there
No doubts
Look around
I promise.
I will
I want
I love
And only you
I will be coming for you
Never be another
Not like
Not like
No no no
Let’s not play any longer
Who are we foolin?
What’s the Master Plan?
Who’s in the know?
Do you wanna know?
Do you really wanna know?
Here and Now
Not a moment too soon


And the pendulum swings

Side by side
Front to back
Yes, no
Stay or go?
The rhythmic dance
Leave it to chance?
Like cat and mouse
Up or down
Moving all around
Heart thumps
Keeping time
Body quivers
Legs shake
Take or make
Close your eyes
Wide open the soul
Lightbeams pierce to the source
I’m so alive
I feel so alive
Breathe me in
I want to exhale you
My blood rushes
Saliva gushes
Tingling all over
I feel you
Feel you
Do you feel me?


Go deeper

As you experience your soul, you deepen your spiritual path. It becomes so steady and as you go deep into it- it’s as the ocean.

The stillness of the ocean-if you’ve ever gone diving or snorkeling imagine the ocean how still. Our soul is the same. Consciousness is deeper than even the ocean! Peaceful-tranquil, calm.

Deepening your spiritual path-this is not easy.

Do you want to feel alive? Then what are you waiting for?? Go ahead and dive in…the waters fine.