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What’s good!? James Morrison that’s what! Wow! UK why are you hiding this lovely gem and keeping selfishly!?
Just listened twice to his 2006 undiscovered courtesy of the lovely Spotify app-free version-and i immediately blasted my social network: twitter, facebook and went to iTunes and dropped a low $9.99 for thirteen kiktasstic nuggets! It’s been a long long time kids since I’ve loved an entire album that was first release and not some greatest hits nor gospel favorites. Get your copy now! Thirteen songs! It’s a steal.

And he’s a humanitarian… Better get in line ladies: @jamesmorrisonok I officially love you; will you merry me? : P
The project is also very close to James Morrison’s heart. As he was growing up he watched his parents suffering heavily with depression, and said he didn’t know what to do. “I think just having someone to talk to – what can I do to help, or what can I do to get out of this situation, or some advice in general – would have helped me to be able to know what to expect some days,” he said. “I think Samaritans is an amazing charity. It’s easy to see what a good job they do.”

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james Morrison music

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