Soul Experience

As the layers of karma begin to dissolve the soul will see and the clouds will move away. FOCUS.
You will begin to experience your soul. Mind experience is imagination. As you experience the soul you are fully awake–not asleep.
Are you walking through life with your eyes wide shut? Think about it… On second pause don’t think at all. We are not our minds. There is something much more real-Raw- the essence YOUR essence. No one shares this with you. You are one… Only one– unique. Think of it like this-anyone has the capacity to learn- the ability to take in more knowledge. Does knowledge make us-you-who you are? And what if disaster strikes and you become filled with amnesia unable to remember any of this learning. Does that make you less? Are you not you anymore?
You are more you than you ever were! Beautiful-untainted -effervescent!

Breathe–love–pass it on


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