And here we are
Don’t say it’s too late
Because I’m here to testify the fate
Of man woman child
Peace love pass it on
Why brother kill brother?
It’s a sad sad state
Why you look at me ?
I look at you
I want to be loved
You know you do too
It’s love
The answer is love
What do ya say baby
Will you be my date
19 years I’m late
But this is fate
I feel closer to God
I am so alive!!
Every hair upon my head
Why afraid?
Fear is not love
What book are you reading from?
Certainly not the book that was ordained from Love
It’s never too late
Go ahead tempt fate
I hope you hear me the first time
Oh shucks it’s just a silly lil rhyme 😉

I love you to the end of time


Go ahead....Make my day