And I’m floating
My head above the clouds
My heart expanded
Intentions named
Freedom given
O sinnerman
Where u gonna run to?
It’s all up to you
The living
The loving
Don’t wait
Until it’s too late
Forgiveness is free
He imparts no judgment
Free flow
Let yourself go
River wash over me
Cleanse and make me anew
It’s always been just me and you
Don’t give up
Don’t give in
Plunge yourself
Upward out of your pit of despair
You’ll see not a worry nor a care
Rise up refreshed
Healing has restored
Love one another
Deny the hate
We are all sisters and brothers
Don’t deviate
The answers are within
Learn young the deepest well
You’ll ever know
Is so close that you don’t see
So gravitate
Live not die
Love not hate
And the waves wash over and through me
And I’m floating


Go ahead....Make my day