Soul Experience

As the layers of karma begin to dissolve the soul will see and the clouds will move away. FOCUS.
You will begin to experience your soul. Mind experience is imagination. As you experience the soul you are fully awake–not asleep.
Are you walking through life with your eyes wide shut? Think about it… On second pause don’t think at all. We are not our minds. There is something much more real-Raw- the essence YOUR essence. No one shares this with you. You are one… Only one– unique. Think of it like this-anyone has the capacity to learn- the ability to take in more knowledge. Does knowledge make us-you-who you are? And what if disaster strikes and you become filled with amnesia unable to remember any of this learning. Does that make you less? Are you not you anymore?
You are more you than you ever were! Beautiful-untainted -effervescent!

Breathe–love–pass it on



And here we are
Don’t say it’s too late
Because I’m here to testify the fate
Of man woman child
Peace love pass it on
Why brother kill brother?
It’s a sad sad state
Why you look at me ?
I look at you
I want to be loved
You know you do too
It’s love
The answer is love
What do ya say baby
Will you be my date
19 years I’m late
But this is fate
I feel closer to God
I am so alive!!
Every hair upon my head
Why afraid?
Fear is not love
What book are you reading from?
Certainly not the book that was ordained from Love
It’s never too late
Go ahead tempt fate
I hope you hear me the first time
Oh shucks it’s just a silly lil rhyme 😉

I love you to the end of time


Layers of karma

As you expand your good qualities the layers of karma will dissolve away. Karma=layers of darkness around you blocking the light.

Then you will be close enough to see through… To see stars during the day!

The Indian yogic system can open your chakras through practice with sound and breath.

You will gain focus! Your soul will see and clouds will move away.

Do not focus on the karma, the darkness blocking. Rather increase or expand your good qualities and the other will diminish! Practice. This is a lifelong journey. Multiple lives.


Jesus is my homeboy

I wanna hear a sermon on how Jesus is our homeboy.
The epitome of a friend. Somebody you kick it with. A person who always has your back. You can’t go through life without a homeboy. It’s hard to have more than one, because they’re one in a million.



And I’m floating
My head above the clouds
My heart expanded
Intentions named
Freedom given
O sinnerman
Where u gonna run to?
It’s all up to you
The living
The loving
Don’t wait
Until it’s too late
Forgiveness is free
He imparts no judgment
Free flow
Let yourself go
River wash over me
Cleanse and make me anew
It’s always been just me and you
Don’t give up
Don’t give in
Plunge yourself
Upward out of your pit of despair
You’ll see not a worry nor a care
Rise up refreshed
Healing has restored
Love one another
Deny the hate
We are all sisters and brothers
Don’t deviate
The answers are within
Learn young the deepest well
You’ll ever know
Is so close that you don’t see
So gravitate
Live not die
Love not hate
And the waves wash over and through me
And I’m floating



My heart is So full
Life and love bubbling over
Soul transparent
Loving life
Living fully
Moment to moment
Not a breath to spare
Passion building
Fire engulfs
Rise above
From below
No sorrow
The righteous shall prevail
I love you
I miss you
I want you
Please kiss me
A tear
A sigh
A song
Dont ask why
I love you
Always and forever

Trifecta of inspiration

Life happens to us.
Whether we want it or not.
Whether we realize it and are paying attention.
Are you paying attention?
Are you living your life fully in the moment?

Live in the Now!

It’s the most peaceful and perfect place.
All other things will align.
Focus on the positive. Give life, love.